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About Urology Associates

Urology Associates was founded more than 30 years ago to offer exceptional and innovative urologic care to the Denver metro area and our home state of Colorado. As we’ve grown, we have taken great care to find physicians who are equally committed to the art of medicine and the best in patient care.

We offer expertise across all areas of urology including:

We have two locations in the Denver metro area to serve you and are affiliated with five area hospitals. Get Directions

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a unique healthcare experience delivering the highest quality of innovative urological care in Colorado.

We understand that exceptional care is important when choosing a urology practice. We believe that exceptional care comes from constant mindfulness of the whole patient, which involves open communication about the patient’s emotions and concerns, as well as their medical options. Our goal is gaining our patients’ trust and curing them.

Our renowned surgeons are experts in their respective fields and practice medicine the way it should be practiced: with warmth, care, sincerity and respect.

The Care Team Difference

At Urology Associates we believe in teamwork. As a patient of Urology Associates, you will be greeted by the same team of practitioners every visit. Instead of seeing a different doctor or nurse each time you come to the office, you will see the same friendly faces ensuring quality care and a comfortable environment.

This level of patient care is important to us. Not only will you be treated with respect, you will feel you are a part of the team and know the professionals who are taking care of you medically, yet on a friendly basis.

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