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What to Know Before Getting a Vasectomy

Dr. Brad BellAsk Men logo for story on what men should know about a vasectomy | Urology Associates | Denver, along with other urologists, explained to AskMen what men should know before getting a vasectomy. Vasectomies are a readily available and very effective form of male birth control. The big question is, can vasectomies be the next long-term form of contraception for millennial guys who are looking to prevent having a child?

Before getting the treatment, there are many important facts to know. One area Dr. Bell talks about in this article is how long after surgery it takes to no longer have sperm in the semen.

“Just because you’ve had a vasectomy doesn’t mean that it’s immediately effective. It is important to confirm sterility after the vasectomy with a semen analysis that shows the vasectomy was successful,” says Dr. Bell.

7 things to know