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Prostate Cancer Second Opinion

Your health deserves a second opinion: be confident in your cancer treatment

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed and unsure about which treatment option is best for you. It can be a complicated decision with so many options available to you, each with its own risks and considerations.

Second opinions are highly encouraged throughout the medical field – especially for cancer. In fact, most diagnosing physicians should, and do, recommend a second opinion to confirm treatment options. We’re making it as easy as possible to get that­ peace of mind a second opinion provides patients.

At Urology Associates our doctors leave room on their schedule to make themselves available quickly for patients who need a second opinion. If you would like to meet with the doctor to further discuss your options, we will set you up with a formal appointment to discuss your complete medical history and review alternative treatment options that may be recommended.

We also offer an option for an online Second Opinion where you can submit your information and test results and our team will review those records and send you an email or schedule a phone call to let you know if you would benefit from exploring alternative treatment options.

In order to schedule your second opinion, please have the following information on hand and fill out as much information as possible and we will contact you for further details.

  • Most recent lab report
    • Date of biopsy
    • PSA value
    • Gleason score
    • Number of biopsies taken
    • Percentage of involvement in each biopsy
    • Prostate size
  • Abnormalities noted during the digital rectum exam

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