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UroLift Center of Excellence


Dr. Jeffrey Snyder has been designated as a UroLift® Center of Excellence (COE). Physicians achieving designation as a UroLift® COE have achieved a high level of training with the UroLift® System and demonstrated a commitment to care for men suffering from symptoms associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), also known as enlarged prostate.

UroLift® is a newer and minimally-invasive procedure designed to treat BPH. It doesn’t require any heating, cutting or removal of tissue.  Rather, it is a tiny implant that is used to lift and hold the tissue around the urethra, and  gently expand the channel where the urethra passes through the prostate. Once in place, it relieves the compression on the urethra and re-opens the channel so that urine can pass through freely.

The UroLift® treatment works best for people who are diagnosed with BPH in the early stages.  The procedure itself takes 10 minutes or less and in as soon as 2 – 4 weeks the patient can start seeing improvement in urination. UroLift® also does not have any sexual side effects.

Learn more about the procedure and how it can help BPH.