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Patient Stories

It Was A Little Miracle For Me!

Tracey found that as she got older she started to feel the effects of childbirth, changing hormones and simply age. Incontinence is a common condition in women, in fact one in three women struggle with stress incontinence as they age. Often starting with small leaks when you cough or sneeze, for Tracey it progressed to […]

Da Vinci Prostatectomy Allowed Mark to Get Back To His Athletic Lifestyle!

Mark tells his story of a prostatectomy and traveling the road to recovery with the team at Urology Associates I want to give shout out to Urology Associates on the great care I received on my recent Prostate Cancer diagnosis and treatment. Here is my story and a bit of background about myself for context […]

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Become a Cancer Survivor

After being diagnosed with kidney cancer, Elaine had faith in herself, Dr. Fagelson and God to help her reach the finish line. Today she races on as a cancer survivor and uses her story as motivation for others.

Simple Cancer Screening Saved Gary’s Life

Controversy over getting a PSA test caused Gary to pause prostate cancer screening for two years, but a change of heart in year three led them to find prostate cancer.

Hardly Par for the Course Prostate Cancer Treatment

James, a retirement financial planner, was diligent about going to his primary doctor for annual PSA screenings. When one of those tests came back elevated, he visited Dr. Bell at Denver’s Urology Associates.